You are a coward

Dear everybody,


Whosoever has written the comment, please come out in the open. Whenever you accuse me of anything, please show the evidence to the world. Besides have the guts to post your identity.


Babul da, I guess you should drop the facility to post comment annonymous.


Mr. Arhan Writwik or Mr. Kaushik Deka

You should not talk about murder of soul. You screwed lot of girls happiness by exploiting them. Now guess who am I ! Your fiancee, she should be ashamed of it. Dont know what type of girl she is must be your slut !





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  1. guts ! ok let me tell u the fact that u have only one younger sister. Your parents resides in Assam. They are not living with you in Delhi. now guess who am i truth always remains same nobody have to prove that so better shut your mouth otherwise i will mention all the proofs in this internet and better show it to the world

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