The monkey and me!

The monkey and me

Inxanadu's comment about the Enid Blyton and food incident brought back memories of a similar incident from my childhood days!
I used to read 'Champak' among other magazines- it was a small book with animals characters with a moral at the end of  each story. I think, I was in class V, there was this story about a monkey being invited for lunch by a rabbit. One of the course was a 'chuttney' of ginger and lime. The monkey liked the 'chuttney' so much that he decided to make it at home. The recipe was something like soaking bit of ginger pieces in lime juice. Well, the long and short of it was that the monkey burnt his tongue.

I had more faith in 'Champak' the magazine and decided that the monkey being a monkey didn't go thru the recipe properly! The reputation of my beloved 'Champak' being at stake I went on to try out the receipe for myself! Well, needless to say – I fared no better than the monkey!
I still remember the moral of the story – there is a difference between Quality and Quantity!

Till today, I am not sure if the receipe was for real or just to examplify the 'quantity and quality' thing ! Anyway, I somehow lost confidence in 'Champak', from that day onwards!

Hey ppl, can we have some interesting incidents from your childhood days?

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