Ma is on her way…

Ma is on her way to Bangalore


I have been a resident of Bangalore since the last 5 years. My sister joined me last December and my brother came in the month of June. And today, Ma is coming…


For the entire family, this is a big and a somewhat sad event. For Ma, like us has left Guwahati for good…


We will still have our house in Guwahati, not to mention the whole lot of relatives, friends, and associates. But, since Ma has decided to make Bangalore her home, guess the ties with Guwahati will slowly turn weaker, and the visits rarer.


It took a lot of effort, counseling, and emotional blackmailing to bring Ma to Bangalore. At first, Ma was outraged. After all, how can she leave the house that she had so lovingly built with Deta? And, Deta's memory lingered in every corner of the house. She was not going to give that away so soon and so easily?


I have been working with an MNC for the last few years. Every time I saw a young executive walking around with a purposeful gait, dressed in the smartest professional attire, I would get reminded of my brother – Babu, the wannabe rock star. He is good kid, and I want a good life for him. I know that he could have got a good education in Assam, but what about a job? Will he ever get to work in a world class environment in Assam? Chances are that he may not get to do so in the near future. So, I got him to study in Bangalore, with the hope that he will get at least a decent job as soon as he is ready. I am also sure that the hope and enthusiasm that is so evident all around this place will rub on to him too…


My sister, on the other hand, is a trained graphics designer. She is a stylish young thing, with an attitude to match. But, as she has only a BA degree, for a long time, she was sure that she could never do big things on her own. Last December, I coaxed her to come to Bangalore. She gave in, albeit reluctantly. She was convinced that she could never get to be more than a counselor in an educational institution or some sort of an assistant. Therefore, she was a bit surprised when she got her first job as an Instructional Designer in a software company. It took nine months for her to understand the environment here and get accustomed to life in general. After nine months, she got in to her dream job…


Ma missed us tremendously, and we would be in a perpetual state of anxiety about her well being. We started a campaign to get Ma to stay with us. It took a lot of cunning to make her give in, and ultimately, she relented. And so, Ma is on her way, and will hopefully reach by 6.30 PM.


In spite of all the happiness, there is a great deal of sadness somewhere in our midst today. For, we have done a trade-off. We took a conscious decision to leave home in search of a better future, at the cost of giving up all that we loved and cherished in Assam.


I have met a number of Assamese youngsters and professionals, who like us, have made Bangalore their home, for the very same reasons. And, all of us miss ?all things Assamese? all the time. All of us hope that things will improve and future generations will not have to venture out of Assam in search of a good job and a good life. Till that happens, guess we are going to stick around?.



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  1. Hi Matu… yours was a good read. Brain Drain has posed as a serious threat for Assam. I agree with you 100% when you say how tough it was to take a decision and stand by it so strongly. Surely you people will miss Axom lots…its like ripping of a part from you…

    I've been through the same …. tell you what….

    I was in Delhi too & I never had any plans of coming back to Axom, but there were some probs which compelled me to come down home. And yes I did go into depression too…coz Ghy in 2000 was not as good as it is now…. I didn't have a clue to what could I do with my life. I knew my degree in Advertising would not have its impact here. But I didn't lose hope. I knew I had to be here. Make the grass on this side more greener than on the other side! And I also knew its no use complaining either….

    &….. 5 years down the line….today I am quite happy with whatever little I've achieved professionally. I may have not earned millions which I could've done had I been outside Ghy…but still at the end of the day I am happy… & I know I'm amongst near & dear ones….

    …& now comes the KAHANI MEIN TWIST…..

    I got married to this family …where the elder son's migrated to the US of A…my sis-in-law is in B'lore working for Spice Tel…its me & my hubby who are here…so what my sis-in-law & mother-in-law do is always keep telling us to bid goodbye to ghy and relocate at B'lore…(ma-in-law baby sits her grand child in B'lore)….

    but for me & my hubby it would not be too easy to suddenly shift… he has formed a base here, if the ladder to success is on a range of 0 to 10 he feels he is somewhere in 4 (see he is very very modest!!!!!!)…. and for me too…I've got a hold here in ghy… networking with a lot of people …. and my job's great…so why do we need to move? & Plus what happens to the home (not the house) that was built with so much of love & hope???

    Its very painful…

    Matu when I was reading your blog…I could sense what you must have been through while writing about it.

    …. As of now …. i wish you all the best to you & your bro/sis…and have a great re-union with your Maa.

  2. This is not brain drain.. this is earning foreign foreign exchange!

    If you look at teh rich states, many people of tehir states go out and make money. See the marwaris, gujratis, sindhis…

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