The search is finally over…

Oh, how I loooooooooove all things Assamese…


Well, I was on the lookout for Assamese blogs and bloggers for quite sometime. Apart from Anita, I was not aware of other Assamese bloggers. So, today when Google threw up when I ran a search for Assamese blogs, I was pleasantly surprised. Many thanks to the creators of for starting this forum.


Got to confess that I was not too good at updating my previous blogs.The last two attempts went kaput within a very short time. With folks from my state around, hope I get enough inspiration to continue with this one though…



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  1. Hope, you will continue to entertain us with sweets & spices 😉

  2. Your love for Assam and Assamese has inspired me to send this blog link to you. This blo is in Assamese script!!

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