My fav place in the capital

Don’t remember now how or when, but somehow it happened… The first time saw it way back in school when I first visited Delhi. Then again when I went to Delhi to appear for the IITTM entrance I fell in love with it all over again. No not with Delhi , its with India Gate. I remember being impressed by this massive structure when I was in school , moved by the Amar Jawan Jyoti and the story of those soldiers. The awe was still there. Even when I came back to Delhi after finishing my course , this time as a professional; India gate has always remained my favorite place to “ Hang Out”.

The green area surrounding it , the view of the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Parliament house , the balloons , the people visiting the place, even the vendors attract me. Not that I buy something from them; like every Delhite I also shoo them away….still there is something about them which I find interesting. How I wish I could go near the pyre just to feel the place. Especially on any National day when  the India gate is lit up with the three colors of our Flag!! How I adore the sight!!!

The India Gate wears a different look in different seasons . ( That’s what I feel) The best sight for me was one Delhi winter evening around 9pm I beheld the India gate covered with fog and mist , but still standing with its head held high , as majestically as always in the midst of the deserted area. That day I and one of my friend had the fortune of watching it from different angles as we roamed about to find the right way to come back to Safdarjung Enclave!! ( Okay I don’t belong to Delhi , but my friend was born and brought up in Delhi….but alas!!!!)

I miss everything about Delhi. I miss roaming about India gate with a Chuski or just sitting on the lawns watching the people around.

May be someday I will be back . How I desperately want to be back.

Sigh…………! Till then que sera que sera




  1. specially in summers at around 12 am in the morning. Even at that time, the place is almost crowded. Kid come out of their homes with their parents to play in the open ground, cos they have to be inside their house the whole day! I like to sit there with a cold drink or ice cream and watch the kids play happily.

  2. nice read. blog your present days also!

    .. waiing to read more…

  3. it is a good read Haze, u can elaborate ur present days also even if u r brooding not living in Delhi, can u try something that will make the present place of stay as exciting as the capital? Think…. Do u realise Delhi's pollution level surpasses that of New york!

  4. I always had been admiring India gate during my 10 years stay of my life in Delhi. It's good read about in a blog. Thanks.

    My best view of India gate is from the tree-under by the lake where boats do not row. You can have the whole India Gate image in the still water and the real India gate together. It's great for photos:

    I would love to recollect like Moore:

    "Oft, in the stilly night

    Ere slumber chain has bound me

    The light of ther days around me…"

    I miss Delhi too.

  5. hi Anonymous..

    i'm touched by your comment!

    – another anonymous

  6. But my city of choice is MUMBAI….i am in love with this city.

  7. In my world a good human psyche is:

    Amplified expression about being touched around thoughts alike

    Welcoming united efforts to forget fellow people's innate dislike.

    Hey, another anonymous, you prove the first line here. Thanks.

    1st Anonymous

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