My sweetest pet!


Sometimes a pet can be so important in your life, it’s so amazing !!


Today I am missing my most adorable pet, Silli. She was more like a baby to me than a cat. I found her all covered by mud crying out loud near my apartment’s staircases one rainy evening. She must have been a week or two old at that time. I brought her home and gave her a bath. And lo and behold, she turned out to be a cute little white kitten!


From that day onwards she became my best pal. We used to eat together, play the whole day, sleep together at night and even have our short afternoon naps together. She would sleep on my arms like a small baby.


As she grew up I realized she was not really happy being locked up inside a closed apartment all the time. She wanted to climb trees, chase rats and birds, play with butterflies. But I couldn’t do anything for her. I couldn’t let her go out of the apartment in Guwahati. I was afraid she would end up as a stray cat. I couldn’t afford to loose my best friend. Once when I had to go out on a 1 day and 1 night official trip, I had to leave her all alone locked up in one room, with enough food kept in her plate. When I returned home and opened the door, she jumped into my lap and started meowing as if she was complaining. I felt so sorry for her.


Then came an invitation from my parents to visit them in Halflong for a week. I was excited by the idea of having a week long holiday. But the question was, “Who’ll take care of Silli?” I checked with Network Travels, they said they couldn’t allow me carry my pet with me. More so if it’s a cat! Cats are considered unlucky animals!


I got an idea. In a small cartoon, I made lots of small holes for movement of air, and sealed Silli inside it. It was a 12 hour long journey in a night super bus. For the first 1 hour I carried the cartoon in my lap. Silli was afraid and made noises. When she became restless I would put one of my fingers inside the cartoon through one of the holes and rub her body. She would calm down for some time. Once the lights were turned off, I took her out of the cartoon and made her lie on my lap. Not a single passenger could make out that I was carrying a cat with me! When finally it was time to get down, I got up coolly from my seat with Silli in my arms and walked towards the door. Only then the fellow passengers and the bus crew saw the white kitten in my arms. Oh it was so much fun to see those reactions on their faces!


When finally I reached my parent's official bungalow, I let Silli out of my arms. For the first time in her life she saw plants and trees and butterflies and grasshoppers and hens and goats and cows and …………what not. She was so happy. She climbed the trees, chased the hens, and even saw more of her own species. I couldn’t punish her by bringing her back to the dirty concrete city of Guwahati, to keep her in a locked room again. So, I left her there, in Halflong, with a family who loved her as much as I did.


I miss her so much at times. She was like my best friend, my only friend at that point of time.


  1. That is a nice touchy write. I know what it is to miss pets. If your sweetest pet could write a blog she would probably write like:

    Oh my mom, I miss you today

    In this clear sunny day,

    Amisdst fun or on a lengthy run

    All are dull, I must say.

    But hey, visualise the joy you both will share in the next meet.

    You must write another blog on that experience.


  2. Hey very cute pet

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