I miss my Luit


Oh Brahmaputra, when I eye the people of world

Admiring width of the Amazon or length of the Nile,

I 'm pained much missing you the most left unadmired,

To your lots, only flood stories to which you reconsile.


We know not your values, we care not your power

Uncontrollable rain or wild drain fill you to the fullest

Antagonizing you with anger to blast the fertile valley

To my farmers' agonies and tears in eyes to the fullest.


We corrupt the money that flows for your nurture

As the evil rules with lusty blood in our dirty vein,

Failing to treat you with needs to be nation's friend

Justified is your anger against demons in guise of men. 



  1. Hope all of us will think like u

  2. A nice piece, must say. Your love for Luit and skill in composing a poem are admirable!

  3. Heartfelt thought and a handfull of skill,

    They are born in a grievious heart feel,

    But hey, excreating agonies is no thrill,

    On this unheard, unseen, sadistic drill.

    But I will go on…

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