simply CITY!!!!!!!!

Another day no electricity. God knows where is this place going this way…..Its been more than 10 days with no electricity whole day. Today here am I in a cafe to finish up my piled up work and that damn site is so slow!!! Call up electricity board and pet comes the reply..” hoi ase aji hoi jabo” Urrghhh when will this hoi jabo really hoi jabo.

Suddenly this rush for heading to US has come up and am loaded with work, slow internet connection ,non cooperative colleague , & the icing on the cake is no electricity. !!!

Where am I stuck and how……!!!



  1. Ten days without electricity! That's pathetic. I remember my share of tough days in Assam. But hey! It's our Assam, isn't it? Amar moromor Oxom!

  2. In this part of the world, our people works inspite of the government. Hats of to ppl like hazel who keeps going things …

  3. Our strategies do not cover priority items like electricy.. that is so very unkool.

    Do you know why? It is because there in no dearth of electricity in the households of the ones who plans and executes the strategies for common welfare. But I am optimistic to see new generations in the power and take us to better days…

    I do keep the faith.

  4. What's sad is the first thing that comes to a person's mind after getting a govt. job is, "How do I earn more than my salary?" And the only answer they find is corruption. Young people who are dead against corruption usually dont take up a govt. job! So how will the scenerio change anyway?

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