Cowboy from Texas!!

I forgot his name. Very vaguely remember how he looked like..tall bald and well built. My first Inbound client , someone from Texas! I remember being so excited about escorting an Inbound client .That too someone from Texas…still fresh in my mind was the chapters from Mills & Boon about a cowboy from Texas who owns a ranch!!!  Had butterflies also in my stomach. My boss said “ You go and show him Dilli Haat because he wants a guided tour of Dilli Haat!!” Now you donot get guides for Dilli Haat. So Boss asked me to go. I agreed.


We had to pick him up from his friend’s place in Vasant Kunj. Incidentally that was my first visit to Vasant Kunj area as well & what houses , what an area!!. I was impressed. My cabbie told me “ Madam you look nervous , don’t be  and donot speak to me in hindi infront of him” Of course just out of the institute, there  I was trying to remember those informal sessions about how to handle a foreigner , about the dos and donts etc etc. Anyway there he was standing in front of the gate.  Ok so “ aaj ki shaam aap ke naam” I thought. That was a saturday evening.

During the whole drive from Vasant Kunj to Dilli Haat , we just shared some pleasantries. Once inside the Dilli Haat we discovered that a handicraft exhibition was going on. I bet my guest must be thinking “ Now this girl will make me buy some stuff I don’t need only to earn a big commission.” ( I could make that out from the way he was looking at the stalls and the over eager shopkeepers and then to me) But I only explained to him from which state the specific stall was and what was it all about. ( Of course had to ask the shopkeeper) He liked some stuff from the Orissa stall where the artist was himself there. He bought some things from him which I helped him to get a good bargain keeping mind the Indian artists interest also.  Then my guest suddenly exclaimed “ Ah momos. I would like to taste some of those” I was surprised. Momos. Ok . We sat at the Manipur stall with Bryan Adam singing his alltime hit numbers and he had Vegetable momos because I forbade him to have non veg stuff . He had to leave for Agra and Jaipur the day after and if something goes wrong while having pork momos I would have been a “ gone case”. There munching momos we talked about India and all the other places he had been. He worked with Bank of America and had been to many countries in the world. Kind of a globe trotter he called himself.

The round of Dilli Haat was over. We dropped him back at Vasant Kunj . This time I , our cabbie who was also to take him to his Agra and Jaipur tour and the guest we talked non stop. Actually the evening was to be for 2 hours from 6pm till 8 pm. But when I reached back home at Safdarjung Enclave  it was almost 10pm.

Even though he wasnt a Cowboy from M&B he was a wonderful person…My fisrt Inbound Guest..


  1. Good…,xcellently xpressed the feelings!

    The Cowboy will relish the moments forever, I am sure.

  2. Nicely written



  3. u write good M, keep sharpening ur skills. m so proud of u.

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