From Hum Aap Ke Hain Kaun to Aghari Atma

Ok so now I am searching for an idea to blog…hmm. Since I seem to dwell on my bygone days too often , lets now scribble about the first movie I saw in Guwahati in a movie hall. That was the movie which had rewritten the history of hindi cinemas , the mother of all those tear jerker saas bahu serials ..Yes absolutely right guess guys..the movie was “ Hum Aapke Hai Kaun”. What an experience it was!

It was a Sunday . Aishwariya Rai had been crowned Miss World the previous evening ( came to know that while waiting for the gate of Apsara cinema to open) No habit of watching TV those days.  No time of even going through the newspaper also because my Roomie the senior girl told me that one should go really early to get the tickets. That was first week 😉

So there we were , 4 of us with one senior ( tour escort & team leader) . Crossed the overbridge at Railway station and reached Paltan Bazar. God so such a part in Guwahati also exist. I was seeing it for the first time. We thought that we were quite early for the 11 am show. But the whole gate area was crowded with people, most of them college going young people like us. My roomie warned us to be ready to run & stand in the queue the moment the gate opens. ( I was excused obviously , one cannot expect somebody resembling a football to run and win the race and also since there were 5 of us ; so it was alright if 3 people could stand in the queue) .

Whoooosh the gate opened and the way everyone ran. My roomie and my friends were gone in a ziffy. When I reached the queue area I saw my roomie & two of my friends standing right in front of the queue. Wow what a performance that was. We were all laughing. Finally we got the tickets and sat inside the hall. After all those Social messages from Ministry of Health and Family welfare , there was Salman Khan looking breathtakingly handsome covering the whole screen in a black & white avatar. That was the first time I liked Salman Khan on screen. ( Didn’t like him in the coloured movie BTW) What followed was a chitrahar on big screen with a few laughter and more tear here and there. I actually forgot if I liked the movie or not . But I always remembered the adventure of running and standing in front of the queue to get tickets. The whole place was so crowded and the craze for Madhuri’s outfits ( So gawdy outfits except for that purple saree)

As they say that a small step marks the beginning of a long journey, that small step from Chadmari to Paltan Bazar I took had taken me a long way. From the very first movie at Guwahati in a theatre “ Hum aapke hain koun” now the list is endless. By the way the last movie I saw was the premiere show of “ Aghari Atma” , supposedly the first Assamese horror movie. Will write about it some other day.

Till then Ciao!


  1. That was an interesting read. That takes me back to my Cotton College hostel life while we used go for second shows @ Apsara walking over the railway overbridge…wow that was real mix of good and bad but it was hell lot of fun, I will write about it sometime. 🙂

    I am a fan of horror movies. It really takes a lot to make a horror movie successful. Amongst Assamese movies, I enjoyed watching Chameli Memsab. I am curious to know how Aghari Atma did.

  2. no doubt..

  3. So u an Ex cottonian. Me too one. Anyway Aghori Atma was a good attempt in the horror genre. Will write abt it someday.

  4. Nice to know cottonians!! BTW, they are omnipresent 🙂 without them, life will stall. I found one cottonian with "Cottonian" written in Bookman old style font on his car-back in Delhi. I love the idea, once I verify this to be legal in Cali, I would do that myself as well. 🙂

    I watched that movie "Hum aapke bogera/etc"..uff the name legnth is directly proportional to the movie duration!! Entertaining stuffs, but why so long..

    I simply can't tolerate song videos in movies unless they are essential in story of the movies.

    Aghori Atma…sounds oxymoron, karon atamar jano ghor thake? Would love to know about it..when do we get to ??

  5. i have never been able to watch the movie 'HAHK' in one sitting, actually i am not even sure i watched the whole movie yet. must have watched the whole movie in bits and pieces. I know it was a blockbuster but it was more like watching a marriage video cassete or CD. But this one incident had a funny side – My dad is terrible in hindi. one day he referred to the movie as 'hum tumhara kya lagta'! and yes he said it in all seriousness!

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