A morning to remember


Bravo Bravo  I patted myself. That was an achievement for me. I mean, to go out at 10 am on a Sunday morning braving the laziness and Sunday morning mood; that’s something I call true bravery. But the very fact that the Repertory group from NSD Delhi was performing Ashok Shukla’s famous play “ Taj Mahal Ka Tender “ at Rabindra Bhawan on 12th March , was fuel enough to coax me out of the bed at 6 am on a Sunday morning . After usual Sunday chores of washing and cleaning, I reached Rabindra Bhawan at 1045am.

It was every bit worth . A play that has been staged many times till date. A political satire projecting the true scenario of the Government departments today, using TajMahal as the backdrop. Democracy today is run by the bureaucrats . Shahjahan how enthusiastically calls the chief engineer of the PWD to construct the TajMahal in loving memory of his wife “Mumu”. But alas, all that is made are the buildings of the Engineer , the bureaucrats and the Contractor. Ever seen the comedy serial “ Office Office” where Pankaj Kapur brilliantly portrays different characters of “ Common men” harassed by the red tapism? How very true !!!

The first play of such kind which I saw was “ Kashinama” at Kamani auditorium. That was a memorable evening. I was awestruck by the whole experience. “Taj Mahal Ka Tender “ was good . But somehow the performances could not match upto the artistes of those in “ Kashinama” . That’s my personal opnion.

The play started exactly at 11 am even if the whole auditorium was not full till then. It was really nice to see that in the land of “lahe lahe.” Again the most annoying part was of course the mobile phones which were ringing even after the request to switch off the cell phones before the play begun.

All this small tit bits apart it was wonderful. Hoping to see such programs in Guwahati more and more .


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  1. Huh…how touching….

    This reminds me of the promises made by our own brethren to transform our asom into a *xunor asom*….but all the xun goes to their buildings and pockets making our asom a xunyo.

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