A Flashback

Two ponytails, a dark green skirt and a white shirt.. Suddenly I remembered that  when the city bus stopped near TC school .The school is over for the day. The girls are moving out trough the big school gate . Saw a little girl , must be of V std., sitting at the back of her father’s (?) bike. A little girl with two ponytails, red ribbons, a maroon skirt and a white shirt; of course not to forget the heavy school bag. Flashed into my mind a similar picture about 17 years back. A small girl who had gone to the oldest girls higher secondary school in Assam to appear for the entrance exam. ( Seat Porikkha!!!) One of the question was to write the state anthem. She had to sing the whole anthem in her mind to pen it down on the answer script. She stood II in that “ Seat Porikkha”. The girl who stood first was the arch rival from primary school. She always maintained that position till std X while the little second girl faltered and lost her position. No she never failed in her academic career. Nevertheless she faltered.

The little girl was a teachers pet. Always an active student she became the Asst. General Secretary of the School Students Union . Probably the first student of her school  who didn’t even know how to write the application to “ file her nomination” ( was helped by the teachers ) and who won without asking anyone to vote for her!! (childish it sounds , but then it was a great feeling) . How she misses those teachers. Never met anyone of them after she passed out and left the town. Those classmates lost somewhere. Those juniors who liked their this senior so much, she does not even remember their faces.

Is it with her or everybody? You meet new people and lost the old ones. How ironic it is.

Time changes and so does people . I thought the little girl had grown up and got lost somewhere in the battle of survival. But somewhere somehow she is still hidden, unconsciously in the subconscious!!




  1. That little gal can not be allowed to go into oblivion…with so much promises in her eyes..and with so much potentialities in her spirit…

    We will have to find that little gal…

  2. Who was this little girl? name, location! perhaps we may send a virtual gift 🙂

    Well, as far as my school mates are concerned, all are working / settled back in the village, usually meet most of them during my Puja/Bihu vacations.


  3. Well well anonymous buddy, lucky you. Anyway the virtual gift can be sent to hazel_i79@yahoo.com

  4. hey ;

    i like your last post about that little TC school girl.specially your writting reminds me of some famous assamese writter; hell i cant recall her name right now.. some bhattacharya..i specially remember her poem "jak moi bhal palu"..

    your last few lines, man meet.. are incredible.. simply great.

    you ought to writting stories, really, i am not kidding..

  5. Trust me Hazel. The little girl is very much there within the grown up girl. Life is like that, priorities change and life moves on. If the little girl wants to get in touch with her childhood friends, she must try, try hard enough, and soon she will realise that everybody has not changed, situations must have, but within everyone lies the child they used to be…

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