My encounter with Life.

My encounter with Life.



Oneday Life came to me

” I am your friend “, it said.

That lie swayed me the least

I said ” Please donot try to

Hoodwink me with your high sounding

hollow promises and cryptic smiles”.

Life gave a cruel laugh…

Unfazed I walked away.

Life followed me still.

” You cannot escape my clutch.

Learn to take me as I am”

My soul burst with hatred

Anger writ large in my eyes

I rebuffed ” Nobody ever loved me,

You are mocking at me . Go away”

Life smiled gently

It said ” Fight. Be a winner

I wont leave you till the end

It’s a pious promise”

I stared at life’s shining eyes.

Felt convinced.

Really that was the Promise of Life.


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  1. lifes always like this, u r just being edgy, pace it slow, take each moment slowly…. you will reap …….ur karmic cycle is expanding Moy

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