Been to Upper assam last week. A very short trip for 2 days only!!! But it brought back many memories. The roads covered by tea garden on both sides, so fresh & so green . Dibrugarh , the small town has changed so much. Couldn’t even recognize our old house. Our school with a new annexxe. The town is full of vehicles..still those small narrow roads but he number of vehicles have grown tremendously. Somejhow this time Dibrugarh gave away the feeling of being a small town in UP or Bihar rather than Assam!!! Even the structures of newly built houses gave away the same feel. Lot of Nursing homes mushrooming here & there. So many doctors !! Are there as many patients as well, I wonder! But the weather is still the same. Very pleasant, very cozy and even there was a slight chill in the air. That’s the most familiar part of this small town where there are so many memories so many moments & of course so many faces …now lost into oblivion..( very conveniently & consciously forgotten I must add)


  1. milon nogoror suwali hostel keitaloi monot porile bikukhon hom hom kore pai!

  2. Man…its surely a place. The things we did when we were growing up held me in good stead later in my life now.

    When I went abroad they asked me how come your english is without that 'Indian accent' and how come your likes are so much like ours….I replied I am from a beautiful place called 'Dibrugarh'.

    We used to skate , play squash…and we didn't give a damn to the girls around man it surely was a time.


  3. hey main abhishek abhi baroda main hua pehla dibrugarh mein tha

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