My New Friend

Heard somewhere that a smile is the shortest distance between two people and that a smile can light up a dark room. Yeah, it is true..I knew that when she smiled at me . I realize the truth in those statements whenever she smiles at me. My new companion whom I meet everyday on bus. She’s already on board when I get up at the bus stop near my house. She gets down much before I do. But the way she smiles the moment I get on the bus lights up the whole bus. Even in broad day light, suddenly the day seems brighter. Today she showed me her drawing book. She is indeed very good in it. I wish her all the very best for her future. My silent friend who is a student of the Deaf & Dumb school somewhere on the Kahilipara road. She paints her silences on the canvas. I earnestly hope someday she will be able to speak to the world through her painting brush. Amen!!

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  1. Hi Hazel,

    Its really touching….I also want to wish your friend … please forward the same….

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