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I was advising my 34 year old landlord about how to get a wife from India. It is not that he lacks any number of girl firends in USA -of all races and all ages (20-40) he does not discriminate) but because he feels comfortable with homely Indian girls (perhaps the Mother Complex). His problem is thathe is no longer on H-1B visa where he could have got his wife to come on spouse H4 visa (unlimited number) . However, now he has graduated to Green Card and can no longer get his wife from India on Green Card  till he becomes 45 years old -given the backlog of GreenCards .


Recently the motion to remove the exclude family members of Green Card holders from employment based Green Cards quota was defeated in US Senate 51:47 from the Immigration Bill S2611 which was later passed. Thus, whether it be the job seeker or his wife or children -they all have to be selected thru the same quota. This is not so in H-1B non immigrant visa or from student visa F1 –who can bring their wives on H4 and F2 visas easily -which are not subjected to cap.


So, I advised my landlord that he get his wife to come on F1 student visa . However, F1 is a non immigrant visa and if she applies showing that her husband in US is going to sponsor her studies in US –then F1 visa would be refused to her -becos of “immigration intent.” So, I suggested that he place a condition that the girl must try to get an F1 student visa (where she can show that he [a “family friend” in US] is sponsoring her studies expenses -the way my LA doctor friend sponsored mine) . Once she gets the F1 visa she can marry him -either while still in India or after coming to US. F1 visa remains valid as long as you are enrolled in a full time college program -even if its five year term expires (as along as she does not leave US after its expiry as is still enrolled in college).

I'm sure that he with is $90,000 per annum salary can afford to bear the expenses. In the meanwhile , in some years he will become US citizen and then he can sponsor her Green Card.


His second worry was that many girls just marry to come to US and later ditch their husbands once they become citizens –and take away 50% of his assets – 4 houses on mortgage (as per US laws). Now he is thinking about pre-nupital contracts to sign –with the girl he met on . She is already in US in the same field as him -computers -and already working on H-1B visa in NYC. She had come to US on visito visa to meet her sister (who had come here to study now married and working in CA) and got job thru contractor and on H-1B now.


Housewives/husbands to working wives/husbands :


On the other hand, some time ago Ms. S. Mitra Kalita was Washington Post wrote an article (” …. K Street”) about a Green Card lobbying by Indians initiated by a housewife who did her MBA here in US and now is lobbying so that her husband gets his GreenCard soon so that she can also get one simultaneously –and start working.

She could not get H-1B visa easily since no employer was ready to employ her who could sponsor her visa. Maybe she should contact a visa contractor–


Teaching/Research: but my idea would be she she leave the H-1B visa cap category for those coming from abroad (india etc) and focus on those H-1B visas which are exempt from cap –such as teaching in univs or schools or govt research institutions. It is quite easy to get a teaching license — only has to take PRAXIS tests and you are done (ofcourse you need atleast 4 or 5 year of college bachelor degree – after grade 12 school) . And then she can enrol in the teacher education program while teaching in schools. Many husbands here are quite tradtional (as I see in the temples)  but would not mind their wives working in schools. It is easier to get the visa too I suppose in this category -as my landlord told me -as is to get Green Card later.


Nursing: Also, if they feel like it they can get the Nursing license -you need to have studied biology till grade 12 at school (as I did 100% in grade 10 but only 56% in grade 12 -i was focusing on math & science) . Professionally qualified nurses in US do not need to go thru H-1B visa —they can straightway get a Green Card -and so can their husbands. They do not get in the back of the line like veryone else form Green Card.

 I met one today whose wife is a nurse. They both came together to US on Green Card (thru her). He is now a maintenance engineer at a local DC univ. and had come to repair our electric connections – the first floor is blacked out for a couple of days (my Latino neighbor also in the same field with 3 cars and a house – goes to work at 5 am so he couldn't make it).  




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