A day to remember

He looked straight into my eyes and smiled. Offered his hands and asked me sit down and listen to the story his teacher was telling. He is one of the students I met when I happen to visit Shishu Sarothi, a centre for rehabilitation and training for multiple disability. & what an experience it was!!

All those teachers trying their best to make these students feel they “belong”. They are very much a part of the so called mainstream society. The little artworks done by the students and those handmade items , so beautiful and so perfect. How can we even think that these are the creations of somebody who is not “perfect ” . Let these children feel that they are also “normal ” that they belong , belong very much to the society we live in. They are capable of doing whatever anyone of us is, albeit they do it their way. Let them do that.


  1. I am always confused when it comes to dealing with them. Shall I offer them a helping hand? What if they get hurt when I do that, thinking I am underminign their capabilities! Shall I just let be themselves? What if it was so that they needed my help and just failed to get out of their hesitation to say that they need…

  2. Same goes with me. Even though I went there I am still scred to offer my helping hand. What if I hurt them. I believe psoper training is the key to this. Of course lot of patience & love are the cheif ingredients to build a fruitful relationship with such children.

  3. a untrained helping hand will create frustration for them. its better to let them help themselves, unless specifically called for.

  4. Hi Hazel,

    I am a friend of Pranjal. How do you know him? I have been reading your blogs from the beginning, BTW!!

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