Of Resignations and companies

 Here I Go..again writing a resignation letter. This is the fourth resignation letter in my 3 years of joining the industry!!! Worked in my first company for the longest period till date 1 & half years! For some of my seniors from the Institute that was some sort of a record! (Incidentally we all were recruited from the campus in different points and left sooner or later). My seniors who worked for that company had left within one year and I lasted for 7 more months. Wow…they go!


But that was / is the company I still cherish. A small organisation ( bigger in Kolkata , but I was recruited for the Delhi regional office) . When I joined there was one of my institute seniors working there. A girl from Arunachal. But she left after 10 days and there I was all alone among 7 guys. Just out of college absolutely no idea about Corporate travel..One thing they donot teach you anything about in the tourism institutes! All thanks to my Regional sales manager whom I still call Boss , the Sales head and the team leader I learnt the tricks of the trade gradually. They say Delhi isnot safe for girls, bosses make passes at their female employees. Those guys proved all of these wrong. I remember sitting till midnight in office alone with Boss only to meet a deadline. I had once shared the same room with the TL & the driver because the group was arriving at 4 am & no other room could be spared since the group needed an early check in. Absolutely safe and secure I was sleeping when they left to bring the group from the station. Later of course the guys had to shift to a small guest house nearby the main hotel because we got a room at the annexe! That was one of the most “hassle free” groups I had ever escorted.


Moving with the turning points that life brings , I left Delhi. It seems for good now. But no matter how many resignations I write in my career, one company that will always remain dear…..the company I first worked for . Bosses will come and bosses will go but my Boss will always remain Boss for me.



  1. Hey Hazel, I worked in Delhi too and that is too for 6 years. Till date, I have never experienced anything that would make me say Delhi is not safe for girls. May be it entirely depends on the person-the girl herself. If you know how to take care of yourself and carry yourself well, no place is dangerous for anybody. I cherish my working days in Delhi and the corporate culture, the fun, the weekend outings and the colleagues cum friends. Wish to experience and cherish some more such days…!!!! wish you would too !!!!

  2. Congrats for your next job.

    I hope you will have an exciting workplace and of course more money!!!

  3. When ever I switch job, not done many times till now, I back up my decision with the old saying, 'the only thing that remains constant is change'…yes it's really difficult leaving the past behind and perhaps it will be foolish on our part if we try to leave them all together…but we have to move ahead…past will remain always ours…keep walking

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