Poetry on Celluloid

An old couple, an old monument, moon lit night and a very very famous song….Tere bina jindegi se koi. The scene from Aandhi. Two of the finest actors of yesteryears Sanjeev Kumar & Suchitra Sen. An old couple stading in the ruins of an old monument..looking back at their ruined relationship. They find themselves stading in ruins of their own relationship.

Some scenes stir the mind. Especially a movie buff like me who gets so engrossed. It was one of my favorite songs & what a way to picturise it. Gulzar has written some lovely poetry on celluloid. Aandhi was one of them. But my all time Gulzar fav is Parichay. His take on the very famous ” The Sound of Music”. Jeetendra and Jaya Bhaduri with a bunch of kids and some beautiful songs. And of course one cannot forget “Izazat”. Gulzar portrayed live in and extra marital relationship much before “Salaam Namaste” and ” Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” sensitively , poetically. The serius and mature Rekha as against the childish Anuradha Patel..the choice for Nasiruddin Shah was obvious. Those lovely compositions ” katra katra jeene do” and ” mera kuch saman”..outstanding.


Gulzar hope you continue to enchant cine goers like me for a long long time. Even with a chart topper like ” Kajra re”..You are the best!


  1. 'Hazar rahen mud ke dekhi' ,'Yaara sili sili virah ki raat' 'O Maanjhi re','Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne' and 'Aanewala pal jaane wala hai' these are some evergreen creations by Gulzar, I dont remeber exactly from which films but are definitely very touching for any1 and anytime.

  2. Gulzar was the music director of the film Masum too, If i dont mistake?

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