Life and Death

Mrituyutu eta xilpa jibonor kothin xilot kata nirlobh bhaskarjya!!!…What goes inside someone’s mind when he /she decides to take his/her life. What goes so drastically wrong in someone’s life that he/she decides to end it. I used to wonder it sometime. But keeping pace with this so hectic daily schedule I could hardly find time to think of anything else .Not even life…death never came to my mind recently.

Yesterday started as usual. Very busy in the morning in preparing breakfast and then my lunch, I didn’t come out when khuri ( our neighbour ) came . When my mother exclaimed “What”, I came out from the kitchen sensing something has to be wrong. She informed that the “gharat thaka lora”( Servant boy/ helping hand ..whatever) of Khuri’s next door neighbour had committed suicide. The grandma of the family who gets up very early had found his body. OK..that’s the reason our dog was barking so frantically early in the morning. Since it was already daybreak we didn’t get up thinking because he has this habit of banging on the doors once it is light. Today he was early we thought… Ma said. There was police and some people . His body was found hanging from the bathroom ceiling.  We were aghast. Even though I never spoke to him but ma knew him well. She said that he came the day before yesterday asking for some “neem paat”because äita”wanted them. A very lean and thin boy of 17/18 years. May be more but he looked that age.

Khuri left after sometime. Lot of people lot of discussions, speculations and of course conclusions. Some say he was treated very badly there. But if that was the reason he could have gone back home. What had gone so wrong that he decided to end his life.


I remember once we had this debate competition in Cotton where the topic was “since this is our life we can end it too..whenever we want”. ( Don’t rem. the exact sentence) Listening to the arguments of the participants, Dhirajda , one of our seniors, recited those very famous lines from Hiren Bhattacharjee’s poem. We were at the backstage of Union Hall taking care of the refreshments !! The then Secretary – Debating and Symposium section , Pranjit didn’t let us participate because we are among  his pals and most importantly who will look after the “chah  – tah “part !!! That day some very interesting arguments were put forwarded by the Treasury bench and of course the opposition was strong too.


Death…the ultimate destiny of every living soul. But what drives some people to end this life and embrace death untimely….or should I say that was The Time for those people!!!!!!!!!


May his soul rest in peace wherever he is.

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  1. Yes hazel, indeed the death will give some impact to a person, but , for some days or weeks or months only, just I remember one incident, one of my batchmate , after joining here in IITG, he is no more now, a small disease came and took him away due to the ignorance of the doctors, I was there in the hospital with him when his soul departed frm his body, the pain I know and the happiness they used to feel when the soul departs…huh….you cant express in words, you have to feel it…anyway, a death is a death, thanks for teaching me a new word " Gharat thaka swali" ( lora 😉 ), good day


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