Prince in Haryana!!

A small boy of 6 years fell into a borewell on Friday 21st July somewhere in rural Haraya in Kurukshetra district. A small boy stuck  in the 60 ft deep borewell in Kurukshetra and the whole Nation praying for him. People from all parts of the country praying for this unknown boy. Thats the true spirit India shows at times. When her people really care and share the same feeling and empathise with one another.

People fighting for religion for castes seems so frivolous when the whole nation comes up together when the need arises. Mumbai blast proved that too when people stood in long queues to donate a bottle of blood.


Hats off to people from the Allehadi village , the workers , Police and of course Indian Army who after 50 long hours safely rescued the boy. Thanks to the media also for drawing attention of the whole episode into the minds of the administration and whole nation.


Last but not the least Cheers to us Indians too. !!


  1. Bye now..the episode is over I hope! Prince has been rescued by the Jawans of Indian Army.He is safe and sound and under constant monitoring of doctors.

    Now how long the episode will be continued in the news channels!! In the morning news also the kid's mother was found being asked repeatedly the same questions like how are you feeling now…how was your feeling when you had been seeing prince through cctv?…are you going to distribute laddu in the whole village..??

    Are we gonna see these in news tonight also?

  2. to the people of Kurukshetra..

    the Indian Army…

    the Media..

    and to Indians..

  3. we people will come late

    but latest :))

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