My childhood friends!

When I was in school , I was called a bookworm. I was so much into books. I could not realize when & how I lost that habit!! Still some of those characters rather  friends from the pages of those childhood reads are there in my mind , very much alive. In some corner of my mind they still exist and whenever I get a chance I still pick up a childrens’ magazine just to check if I can find those friends.


Of all these characters my all time favourite was Damn Peha ( Dem Peha) Edited by none other than Late Bhabendranath Saikia , Xofura, the childrens magazine where Dem peha appeared  was really a storehouse of knowledge and entertainment. Who has read Xofura can never forget the very famous Dem peha with his world famous moustache and durbeen ( binocular)  . And of course his ever efficient assistant Jong bahadur. I remember waiting for their interesting adventures every month . Achin Momaideu , the creator of Dem Peha and a host of other interesting characters like Bhulu with his friends and PingCriFoo ( rem the ball which can be used to play Table Tennis , Cricket and football ) . Urulipoonga the fox.


Another favourite magazine with a host of favourite characters was Mouchak. Gonggong and his friends were like my own friends. I still remember a very interesting long story which was once published in Mouchak  “Mani Bani aru Ekhan Phooloni”. I so desperately wanted to  have a garden of my own after reading that. But we already had one small flower garden in front of our rented house in Golaghat those days. I learnt to look at it from a different perspective suddenly.


Even though he was not a character from any magazine , I liked him so much. He is Xoonti. Created by Bandita Phukan , Xoonti and his best friend Aziz and their stories always enthralled my young mind. I still read sometimes those small books like Xoontir dinbur , Xihante Khelisil etc. & trust me when I say I long to be a 4th standard student again.


But then days once lost cannot be brought back!! What a plight.  


  1. hi hazel

    how are you? this is not fair to talk about the kids stories now :D, ofcourse in a couple of years hopefully your kids will read them hei na? 😉 what nandu? what you say regarding this? :D, and hazel? can I put your foto in my blog? that one, we took in our last bloggers meet on 11-06-06??? let me know plz

    chengamsiva@ iitg

  2. I still remember the taste of reading Tinkle,Chandmama than exchanging Ranju Hazarika's novel with collegues in school days.Reading novels and comics hidden below the school books had some different kind of excitement.:D

  3. Hi hazel

    no probs, dont worry, I will bring a nice camera this time :)), infact last time my camera's head was having some problem now it is fine, 🙂 so we can have nice videos of our bloggers dance and stills too 😉 I hope you too will enjoy it :), wanna book a airticket to delhi 😛 can you? :))

    chengs@ sivs @ iitg

  4. One of the best blogs i have read. I think i forgot to breathe for a few sec. As if all those characters and names which are so familiar and close to me have come alive again ! Reading the very name "xophura" made me so nostalgic that i wish i had some magical wings and could fly back to those golden moments of my childhood !! Alas i could only wish !

    Thank you so much Hazel

    just don't stop writing….

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