Wandering thoughts

Looked outside my office window and there I behold a sight I almost forgotten. A rainbow. Looking out from the tinted glasses the sky with clouds appeared dark. Beyond the trees there was a Rainbow. Gawd! I almost forgot that there is something called a rainbow also. How busy is too busy I wonder at times.

I remember when we were in Dibrugarh , there was a big field / empty plot of land in our locality ( chuburi). All the children used to play there every evening. Sometimes we would sit & discuss about whatever our little minds can conjure up. Sitting on the field sometimes we would see a rainbow and “ramdhenu , ramdhenu” we would shout in excitement. A friend of us wondered oneday , Ram had such a colourful bow. !! Whenever we saw some storks flying in the sky we would sing ( shout) “ Bogakoi bogoli boholai bohise…” or ask for the “boga phoot .


Evenings were the time to sit at the study table. Ma said that every evening Goddess Saraswati comes on her white swan to see if the children are studying or not. I made a point to sit at the study table  only because I didn’t want the goddess of knowledge to be angry with me..funny aint it??


Somebody told me few days ago seeing me so busy all the time” Eibyosta saharkhane jetiya mur tuli akakholoi sabo, dekhibo akakhkhan kiman neela”( I don’t know but I am sure these are the lines of some famous personality).

Yeah I realized today. The sky is really very blue & so beautiful!




  1. What a nice experience…yeah..me also have not seen Ramdhenu for long time.

    Remembered me of early days of life..

  2. The last time I saw a rainbow………………………………… well………………………


    that's tough!:)))

    I think it was a couple of moonths nack – April/May me thinks…. I was goinf towards Zoo Road and my eyes caught not one but two rainbows in the horizon. It was one of those rare moments I wished I possessed a high end dig cam to capture that.

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