The Trees

I guess the fascination started when I used to travel from Guwahati to Dibrugarh & back alone by those day service buses. I had nothing else to do besides counting the tress I crossed by. What started as a means to “time pass” has become a fascination. Now whenever I travel somewhere by bus , train or car rather than talking to the co passengers I prefer watching the trees . Different shapes and different sizes. Some trees full of green leaves some without a single leaf.


One tree which caught my eyes was in Goa. A big tree ( don’t know which tree) without a single leaf. Only the brown branches against a clear blue sky & a small bird sitting on one of  the branches. It was a sight to behold. My camera was with one of my friend so couldnot even click a quick photograph.


There was another one . A big neem tree right in the middle of a paddy field. That was a warm afternoon . Somewhere along the road from Ajanta caves till Manmad railway station the big neem tree was standing as if it was announcing “ I am the monarch of all I survey….!!’”  Surprisingly there was not a single tree which can match the grandeur of the Neem tree in the paddy field. It was indeed the Monarch.!


Then there was a big  Gulmohor tree right across the road in front of the rented house in Delhi. That tree changed its appearance with the change of the season. I remember spending lonely evenings sitting at the balcony watching only the tree & the way it moves along with the breeze.


& now there are trees around when I look out of my office window. Trees of different shapes and sizes. & of course different colours. Some have leaves which are dark & some which have leaves which are one shade lighter.


Trees continue to fascinate me.



  1. I remeber a scene when I had travelled with my father to Guwahati in a bus. We came to congress session at Guwhati. I was a small kid then and was thrilled to sit in the cabin. The thick canopy of trees in the foreground seemed to engulfed the road. But the no. of trees had reduced over the years. In few months time none of them will be left. They are getting felled for expansion of the highways into 4 lanes. It will take another 20 years for the trees to regrow.

    …..anyway nice blog. Keep it up. I am Rupankar with a piece of blog at bihu —

  2. ((Oh…Brilliant! Brilliant expression of feelings! Gr8 to know that trees are dear to the bloggers))

    Trees are eternal cohorts to us ( the eagle) also.Giving support, solace and spirited inspiration all the way as we fly over the space and times( restless sometimes).

    And the trees, composed and tranquil as they are, never fails to inspire us however above we may be. Just a look and refreshed we are. Such is the bustling serenity of the trees! No wonder if Lord Buddha also gets inspired.

    “Praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and sorrow come and go like the wind. To be happy, rest like a giant tree, in the midst of them all.” – Buddha

    And really, trees symbolize the perfect example of living in harmony amidst conflict, the pervasive power of being in eternity. Take life as it comes and keeping the spirit high all the time what ever may be the situation.

    And as we get tired up, tell me where do we get rejuvenated. It is the ever accommodating and uncomplaining bustling serene laps of the trees again that we get the spirited inspiration to live life Eagle way! The brave world of fearless !!

    Fewwww………Time to fly! The sky beckons!!

    Bye and Take Care.


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