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The world of blogging has introduced new friends. Most of us aspire that his or her blog should reach out as many people as possible. It is a different matter if you want your blog to be private. One should be able to raise his head among the crowd. Some of my effort had pushed my main blog India Travel Diary up in the rankings with sites like Top Blog Area ,where it is ranked 3rd as of today and, Indian Bloggers , where it is ranked 5th as of today, the 24th Aug, 2006.


I had put up the idea of linking blogs of like minded bloggers to Nandini and Shiva. Most search engines ranks blogs based on links and references the blog has with other webpages. As blogging is fairly new to most of us, linking and making cross references will be of mutual help.


How it works: has a link named Friends where you can add others blog. Blogrolling is similar to this. All you need is a Blogroll account. If you do not have, create it today at . Thereafter copy and paste the two sets of codes you will get into your blog template.


I will be glad to offer any help, if required. Just mail me at, if you need any help.


If you have a Blogroll account,you can add me to your blogroll by clicking here on the link below. Blogroll Me!.

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  1. How to create a hit/counter? so that one can keep the track of visitors??? do you know how to mae that/ I tried but I know I am not a techie geek and so I failed:(((((((((((((((!

    Nandini (inxanadu)

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