Memories from Old Junks……….!

It was alomst a big family event for us with I, my sister & my brother sitting at the dining table with ma & the brown papers,copies,scissors,threads,needle and glue scattered on the table. Dad had already done his part. He had given money to buy all these. Sometimes he would go with me or my sister & buy us the things.

It was the evening before the school reopened and we would go to new classes.New Books, new copies. Ma would make sure that our new copies and books are always covered with brown paper covers.Ahhh all those new name labels.I used to be so particular about the same. Name labels with cartoon characters, flowers and sometimes simple handmade ones.I remember puting the name label with  Skeleton ( the Heman one) on the cover of maths book. That was for obvious reasons….was never good in Maths & m still scared of numbers! The irnoy is that now I am stuck in sales figures and percentages.

Ma was so particular about the covers that she used to do that all herself with little or no help from us. Pratima, our maid those days, was her only true help. Till graduation I didnt know how put a cover on a book properly. But that habit stayed with me till last.

While cleaning my old junk I came across my old black trunk . Dad bought me that when I came to Guwahati after 10th. Long back….! There are some unused name labels, blank copies and 3/4 wing chen (!) pens.

Suddenly this irresisble urge to write by an ink pen came to my mind. Will buy a bottle of celpark today.!!

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  1. This article is crafted over a small theme, but nevertheless, it contains all the ingredients (emotions, feelings, thoughts, moods … . ) of life to inspire one to be nostalgic.

    Such a wonderful and gifted hand that the author has…..I have a gut feeling that she can earn her livelihood by writing alone. Her hand is made for writing.

    All the best wishes and Keep it up.

    And expecting to hear many more such mood elevating pieces of Inner Engineering….


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