World peace 3 – thru Muslims

Muslims on earth number something like 1.4 billion. At present maybe < 5% of them are deeply committed to violence & perhaps even terrorism to attain their objectives which mainly are to satisfy their own ambitions of power on earth; as a corollary towards that,  they wish to kill other powers who are today seen to stand in their way. This is what Hitler tried to do ….and, in India's mythology, Ravana too! And look where they all ended up in.


On the other hand, >95% of these same 1.4 billion Muslims really dream of peace to pursue their own simple, law-abiding, live&letlive goals. The violent <= 5% misuse the name of their Holy Prophet, the Koran & Islam itself to threaten the 95% with death now & forever travails in the after-life & thus browbeat the majority to let them get away with their nefarious killing of innocents in the name of infidels/kafirs and of course even their own women who are permitted no liberties to pursue life & happiness as they would wish to.


Surely there must be a solution to all this. And that certainly is not the way George Bush has chosen since 9/11. I have many ways to suggest but first I would like all those who happen to read this blog of mine to create their own ideas using certain tools I have benefited from enormously since 1975 though in my small life only but the changes it gave me were, for an individual like me, enormous & fulfilling. I find NO reason why it should not achieve equally satisfying results in a global environment given patience, sincere efforts/trials & true, organised creativity. The key words are “function” meaning what exactly – just in two words – are we after and “organised creativity” meaning NO CRITICISMS OR JUDGING IDEAS till maximum number of ideas are created say in a given, reasonable time.


I had proposed this to my international colleagues – see attachment – but got no encouragement for reasons we can discuss later. Have a look at it all & we can see how we should progress it, if at all any of u readers see value in my “mad” ideas.( this paper was made in Feb'2006 and addressed to many of my colleagues of < 20 yrs around the world)

VM in the service of peace on earth


The Cartoon Imbroglio is very much in the world news these days all due to, as most of us non-Muslims believe, the unacceptable rigidity of the world’s Muslims’ pious but impractical insistence of never showing their revered Prophet’s face or even a frontal view of his body. Much violence/loss of lives has already taken place and I felt compelled to try to find creative new ways to achieve all desired functions in ways that Larry Miles, founder of our value analysis system, had shown us with such stunning effectiveness & clarity. I pondered “what would Larry have done?” Just kept quiet? – leaving it, of all people, to the politicians?, whose only claim to celebrity (in India certainly & perhaps all over the world….) is that they could not make a mark in any other field, except in F grade or lower. I was sure Larry would have listed down the key functions involved e.g.,


Higher Order Function:               Ensure peace/prevent violence – worldwide and forever (HOF or BASIC? – we shall do a FAST soon)


Basic F:

Eliminate threats (to peace)


All-the-time F:           

1.Secure trust (Muslims’),

2.Ensure freedoms (of speech/thought/writing),

3.Never offend (anyone)……….good human relations?!

4.Maintain ‘Ahimsa’ (Samskrit = non-violence, in Mahatma Gandhi’s language), by using ‘Satyagraha’ (Gandhiji’s Search/Desire for TRUTH with ahimsa an integral part thereof) OR ANY OTHER CREATIVE METHOD 

for  achieving all just and reasonable objectives


Desirable Sec. F:

1.Add dignity (of life, to Muslims/Muslim women esp),

2.Assure correctness

3.Interpret scriptures

4.Understand The Holy Koran (in its original)

5.Learn Arabic

6.Avoid pitfalls (wrong/malicious interpretations)

7.Convert people (to virtue from evil, from violence to ‘ahimsa’  – at least the groups forming the small minority (say <5%?) among the world’s Muslims who

a) Order ‘fatwas’ and/or

b) Who commit violent ‘jihad’/assassinations, not for religious reasons, but really as an opportunistic and, to their fury-filled, misguided minds, potentially the most successful method to promote power, selfish/group ambitions and revive Ottoman/Mughal/Muslim “glory”, almost Nazi-like in its aims and sweep or at the very least,

c) who seek revenge (‘badla’ in Pushtunwali- the ‘Way of the Pathans’, the most violent of all being the Afghan Afridis and the Saudi Wahabis……) vis-a-vis the West in particular but generally against all non-Muslims(of whom India/Indians/Hindus are the next most hated and hence marked for conversion/annihilation because they are “easy prey/cowards”(which is what the Pakistanis and the most rabid Muslims in the world think!!) , having been slaves to the Muslims for a thousand years before the British took over for a mere 150 years. In any case, all non-Muslims are lumped and condemned as ‘kafirs’(=infidels)!!


Needed Sec F:  Solve Mid-East problem, solve Kashmir problem


Now, dear friends John Groothuis, Tom King, Hal Tufty and Don Parker, I propose we conduct a VM W/shop (say, of 2 or 3 days) at the next SAVE Conference – or else-ware if u so advise  – by including at least ONE CVS each from Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Australia, the UK, Pakistan, China, Japan, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Kenya, Brazil + any others u deem desirable


Can u pl give all this a bit of thought & frankly let me know if it would be good value to proceed further or, should I go back to my music/meditations/search for TRUTH ?


Pl feel free to condemn part or whole of all this …er…madness(?)


Rgds      venkat



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