Assam to lead!


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A for Assam,not only for Apple! right? So I feel that Assam can truly lead the world, but India to begin with! And, that need not be thru terrorism & violence as some in this dear state seem to have decided on!I suggest that u  start with CRICKET; if tiny B/Desh, AFTER separation from India, can do so well in international cricket, Assam can too – WITHOUT separation. First I want Assam to have an INDEPENDENT body to manage their cricket; don't go under these johnnies like the Dalmias or once the A.S. DeMellows – he was another who was a dictator to Indian cricket in his time when India mattered little.  Let us throw out our present officials in every game & India will get at least 10 G/medals at the Olympics. This tells me that it is not only politics that is corrupt….Power corrupts & abs power corrupts absolutely. Second area is football where too Assam may well come up with Baichung Bhatias or better. Third is in Gymnastics where your girls (& boys too) may well come up with wonders. U have the will to fight & if u do so first in sport, the violence, even of the Zinedine variety will disappear & even the Bodos, Nagas… will take up sport to defeat the Establishment, the stepmothers sitting in Delhi. Also u will become the idol for the youth of the whole country. Nobody in Delhi will then dare say 'nay' to u all – as u richly deserve.See how China has fared at the Olympics, in swimming, table-tennis & badminton – all in just 20yrs!Spread this awareness in yr schools/colleges every day. Get great foreign coaches say, from Hungary for gymnastics & Indonesians for Badminton. Ignore the sports bodies in Delhi, tell them to their face that they r all only corrupt, that Assam has NO faith in them, right? After all forex is easily available now. Ask for public donations after u achieve a few notable successes. More ideas later. Bye for now. ramani
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