She's not my kind…..

Everybody says she's not my kind

She's a silly kind of girl

That she's only playing it on my mind

She's is a silly kind of girl….



The night was cold. A shroud of fog had enveloped  the whole world outside. I was standing on the balcony gazing at the river passing by. On a clear night it would have been a breathtaking view to see the reflected lights on the dancing stream of the river. But I could hardly make out the silhouette of the river through the darkness of the foggy night. A gust of wind coming from the riverside chilled my bones. Slowly I stepped back into my room. The room was filled with cigarette smoke and the sweet aroma of alcohol. I took a deep breath while helping myself with another peg. Then reclining on the bed I tried to enjoy the song on my music player.


I was deeply hurt. Not because she was getting married with somebody. But her behavior came like quite a shock to me .


When we started the relationship three years ago, we never imagined such an ending to it. But from the very beginning the relationship didn't get the momentum it needed and it was not too long before we both realized that may be we were not made for each other. And as we moved on, we had been dragging the relationship with us just for the sake of it. Not that we didn't try at all. But those were some lone efforts – not united. We were both convinced that our destinies were different. Nobody spoke a word, but we were already getting separated mentally. So it didn't surprise me at all when she broke the news of her marriage the other day. She lectured for quite a longtime on her grounds and my faults which led to making her decision. I didn't say a word. This had been the story so far. She talked too much and I said too little. I would be lying if I say that I was a happy man after I heard the news. Somewhere deep inside, I did feel a pain. After all I loved her. And three years I didn't look up the eyes of any girl, because I knew I had a girl friend.

So I thought it would be very harsh on my part if I didn't say  adieu to her. I decided to call her for one final time and wish her luck for the future. And I rang up her number. She heard my voice. Some moments passed in silence. Then she hang up!…….


…Just like that !!! Hang up the phone! She, rather we, never used to do that to each other's call before , not even during an argument. I was so shocked, humiliated, ashamed. My ears blushed as if someone had slapped me. I could hear my heart-beats. I could feel something burning in my heart. So much for trying to be gentle! I knew I would never call her again, neither would she. So that was it..end of the story !……


I knew I would not be able to forget her in my life. We had spent some memorable moments together. In a small corner of my heart, she would always be there. I wished her a very happy conjugal life from my heart…..


          With a sigh I finished the last peg. Suddenly I felt like going for a drive. I was suffocating in the room. I remembered how she used to urge for a long drive in every date. She loved the long drives. I looked at my watch. 12am it showed. “Night is still young, dude” I said to myself and started the ignition of my car. Driving through the highway, I put the car stereo on and started humming to the tunes of Bon Jovi……..


Your love is like bad medicine

Bad medicine, all I need……


  1. Is it ur real story?

  2. well I could feel the pain in you …. don't worry …I won't be knowing what I would be doing if I was in your place…but maybe I would be doing exactly the same thing as you and write down and solicit some support from our unknown well wishers…anyway just ask her if she has her brains in her knees … ; )

  3. Hey! Thanks! but I didn't know that some readers (like you) would folllow my write ups so closely… THANKS A TON! Makes me feel good….

    I have stopped writing for Melange for reasons best kept to my own self!


  4. Cheer up! If she has decided that she can spend her life without you, then she was only playing with you all the while. I was in the same boat but then later I met the most wonderful person. If that break up did not happen, I would not have met my adorable husband.

  5. u see… I didn't want the names spilled all over… some of them are remotely intros! they might crucify me if i write their full name!


  6. Thats not exactly a poem..just few lines wished to scribble on a rainy afternoon..sitting in office looking out of the window!!

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