sToNeWaLLinG ID!!

Change is not the only constant…reluctance comes a close second. My initial hesitation to take on this huge responsibility was driven mostly by the second constant. I knew Instructional Design alternated between turning me off and pissing me off…not because it is a lesser discipline but because, I felt, it forbade me from using writing as a medium to ventilate my thoughts…it curbed my innate instincts to play with language…Stopped me from using language to do what it is capable of doing…Your mileage on this may vary and I do not claim to be formally qualified to hold a rational opinion on the subject at all. However, blogs allows one with a wonderful opportunity to project an opinion, however irrational, anyway. Instructional Design, I felt, was geared toward bringing gradual degeneration of one’s creative abilities. The focus was more on where that comma should be and that semicolon should have been…And this is even when that comma, its rightful place in the sentence or even its absence had no bearing on the intended meaning of the sentence…In the process your creativity or whatever innovation you thought you will use while writing gets screwed….upside down…you get dictated by the whims and fancies of either the client or the person who reviews your write-ups…the end customer, someone like you or me, who does not understand ID or does not give a hoot about how many words should a sentence be comprised of as long as the sentence makes sense, gets the same structured crap…


While sentences need to be correct to convey the correct and intended message, I have consistently failed to understand the apparent obsession with punctuation or how long or short a sentence needs to be in order to convey the right message.  While this may not be pure unadulterated crap, it, I feel, borders on insanity. My reading habits could allow me to understand longer sentences better and that is not because I am god’s gift to mankind but because I just happen to be like that…Imagine someone telling you that no sentence in ID should have more than these many words!!….Hilarious!!


I felt I did not deserve to be in ID, in part because of the way I felt about the discipline and in part because I could not continue to write anything in a way some oddball wanted me to write… So after a lot of deliberations, I bade goodbye to a lot of very good people, few not-so-good people, and one downright idiot…

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  1. I could not gave agreed more that its actually our reluctance to acclimate to the Change………….. which is the constant thing. I am glad to know about your candid opinion and the decision. Becoz as they rightly say……….Genius dont do different things but they do the same thing differently…………. You not only dare to raise your opinion but have the courage to make a difference as well……….A man of words and action 🙂

    Keep scribbling and inspiring many more like me……………….


    An Ardent Admirer

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