OuR TiMeS!!

He is 81 yrs 4 Months 7 Days and 13 hours old at this time. I am humming one of his creations now and I am amazed at the choice of words interwoven to synthesise a thought that is so simple yet beats mere mortals like me. The theme, sentiments and language mesh into such a cohesive whole that it seems they were made for each other. Its the same rich, emotive baritone that an entire generation of Assamese boys and girls have grown up on. A poet, a lyricist and the greatest balad singer that India has produced, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika was a legend even 5 decades ago. His uncompromisingly humanistic melodies have numbed me innumerable times, his resonant cry for Assam has found an ally in me, his thunderous premonition of our days ahead had me put effort to everything I did. Often, I am so enamoured with the passion in his voice that I tend to forget the astute beauty of his lyrics. No Indian langauge today, baring Hindi, has such rich collection of songs that touch contemporary issues and the collective social conscious. And I say this as someone who has travelled the length and breadth of this vast country, stayed in many states and got to know people from different societies. Everything about Dr. Hazarika's songs are his…from inception of the thought to the final song…No Indian worth his salt has produced so many songs and sung them with such finesse…


Ironically, Dr. Hazarika belongs to a society that is going backwards…everything that he talked about in his songs, everything that he visualized for us has our scant regard. Take dignity of labour for instance…We kill poor labourers for having to come to Assam to support their families back home in Bihar and conveniently attribute this to militancy and terrorism….We are the terrorists for we have given birth to children that we had no control over, we could not provide them education that they deserved and we have not supported aspirations of the ones who were educated, …we have asked for bribes when deserving candidates came asking for the jobs that rightfully belonged to them…We celebrate everytime some corner-of-the-street organization declares a bandh…We have student unions that have not worked for student welfare for the last 50 years…And we have a government that is more eager to save its term than work…We have become a society that is not willing to work…And that's what we are doing to Dr. Hazarika's vision of Xunor Axom…What a Shame!!

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  1. I could not have agreed more about this 81 yrs 4 Months 7 Days and 13 hours old living legend. And undoubtedlty, you, the 31 years and 29 days YOUNG admirer, has proved that Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword. I am deeply touched and wish your thoughts can ignite the spark in many more hearts towards the right direction. As always you certainly have the laid the path of thoughts for the others like me to follow :).

    Looking forward for the next one:)

    An ardent admirer

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