WaiTiNG foR tHaT miRaCLe!!

Random thoughts on the current state of affairs in Assam made me brood for a long time today..suddenly it seemed that working outside my homestate and contributing nothing to its growth is no less a crime than celebrating a needless bandh…suddenly working for the largest communications software company in the world seemed hollow…Suddenly my swanky office with WIFI laptops and plasma screens and bean bags and Xbox consoles look empty…for my home bleeds today and my people wail, praying for a better tommorrow…And I stand today, inert and dreary, hoping against hope that good sense will finally prevail, that my people will work for better lives for their kin and that we will have valiant stalwarts to guide us in times like these…


And stalwarts we have…There's none greater then Dr.Bhupen Hazarika…we need to go back to his music and learn lessons that he taught us in the last 5 decades, lessons of sacrifice, of dedication, of courage and of pride in being an Assamese…Sadly we have forgotten most of them and all that we represent today is a spineless social setup thronging with people who neither work on their own nor allow others to work…we are like a bunch of wanton kids waiting to be spanked to progress along with others…We are almost the vestigial chunk of a vibrant nation that does not need it but carries it along believing that some miracle might change its destiny and bring it to some use…Where are we going?…



  1. Dear Bootbat,

    Trust me, every INDIAN today feels the same for the present state of Assam. Its not only your home that bleeds today or your people who wail, but they are ours. What is really required is to bring those sleeping consciences to senses, life and reality. You in your own way has started to make the difference. Cant say about others, but atleast I have come back to senses and started thinking on a level thats just not me …………… but above me……….us. Will try to do whatever I can in my own way.

    Please continue scribbling………….. your words are certainly mightier than the sword………. and as alwayz encouraging.

    An Ardent Admirer

  2. I wish others would also feel the same way and ACTUALLY join hands in bringing the much needed change!

  3. man u make me feel like leaving my job and go back to my land….BUT there is no future ther…nothing for me…..i ve to think bout my future…anways dude well said….bravo

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