ShATTereD sAtUrDaY!!

Let's face it…its been a disaster hands down…You cannot spend your 2nd wedding anniversary snoring after promising the sky ..She is sombre and sulky now…And it does not matter how sorry I am, the verdict is out and I have been nailed some eighteen thousand times in the last 48 hours…Even as I brood on my next course of action to bring in a semblance of normalcy to my life, she threatens to spurn all attempts to diffuse the quandary…


It all started when I was @ my pompous best…now those are times that I am usually very vulnerable to throwing caution to wind, becoming immune to foresightful innuendos and babbling out gallant promises that stops short of being ludicrous…


So I ended up promising the world to her in one such moment of ludicrity never once fathoming the aftermath of my faux pas. If she had any doubts, she never made them apparent which suited me very well then. I had not come back from my office @ the Presidency on Friday. I needed to talk to Nirav and since he was on the east coast, I stayed back @ office and was on a bridged conference with Nirav and the backbone Manager from San Jose on some critical issues related to ACS and Aironet. I reached home early morning on saturday, freshned up and promised to get up by 12:00 Noon, go shopping and then go for a long drive humming to the numbers of Vanessa Hudgens…I tried to make it look like the most romantic getaway and she looked satisfied even with the downscaling of my earlier promises…


When I woke up, the silence around was eerie…Disha was nowhere near…I looked @ the wallclock and to my utter disbelief…it was close to 11:30 P.M…,I was instantly at it again, trying to think of something to salvage the situation…I found nothing remotely convincing so before she overpowered me for the misdemeanor, I squarely put the blame on her for her failure to wake me up in time…that was it…that blew it…She has been yelling and sulking alternately since then…All attempts to pacify her has ended in a bruised cheek here and a manhandled ego there…It's been 48 hours and its adding up heaps of misery to my troubled soul…



  1. Hi bootbat,

    I am a regular reader of your blogs and appreciate the candidness in your thoughts. I believe any relationship is all about how you forgive, understand, feel and hold on:). I am sure she will be able to realize the sincere effort, understand you and your work pressures, and forgive you. After all we expect from only the ones we love and the people who love us cannot be annoyed for a long time:) Am sure and pray this is just temporary and there will be happiness all around soon, very soon!!!

  2. love the way u potray ur characters… b.t.w do u orkut?


  3. Inxanadu!!

    I orkut as much as I canoe:)…I do have a profile in orkut but it hasn't seen a hit from me for months now. Haven't been networking with friends for quite sometime now. I am more active in Linux forums…Open Source is my favourite leisure pastime and I indulge in it whenever I get little time for self.

    I thank you for your kind words!!

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