My Local News: International Educators; Girls Go Tech



Here is something about where I work . It is a very international environment with collleagues representing all parts of the globe and faiths. In a team of about ten staff members (incl part time) we have Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews,  Buddhists and atheists (perhaps) and people originating from Scotland  , Israel (?), Mali, Ethiopia, Italy , India, Vietnam, Korea etc.


They include graduates of John Hopkins Univ. (non-fiction writing – good info on US literature) , Cornell, Univ of Maryland – a Fullbright scholar in mech. and electronics engg. (from Mali who came on sports schol to play college basketball in US and turned into a A grade scholar – still hopes to lead Mali into Olympics), myself, graduate of Canadian univ, aeronautical engineer, law graduate  etc.


Being a small establishment I get to see how each individual works and how the educational setup is managed day-to-day. In a larger establishment I would be kept away in a staff room and never see other aspects of the educational sphere.


Also, in a regular school teacher almost never seek or help other teachers in clarifying subject related doubts –here we learn and teach each other — we are expected to!! — rather than teach wrong stuff to the students. I have learnt a lot from many of my colleagues like this -esp in science and math. With their help I have cleared all these CLEP math exams for college credit and plan to take the chemistry one next week.


Students teach you a lot – and one-to-one tutoring (a new concept to me) really puts you right in front of ONE student – and you HAVE to find solution to his/her doubts/confusions/lack of interest. In the process you clear your own misconceptions about the subject by reading ahead, asking colleagues etc.


Surprisingly, the students also represent the upper crust of the society (and very few are landed aristocracy of Paris Hilton or Johnson & Johnson heir variety [school dropouts] – mostly are children of technocrats -who expect their wards to excel in science and math). Also quite a few ambassadors, congressmen , CEOs of top tech US MNCs companies in US stay here (incl Indians). A very international group . The schools here give the students freedom to go right ahead in studies and study well beyond the required curriculum and well into college level physics and math. I wonder how they afford to hire teachers who focus separately on a small group of gifted students – besides the main group.


More later.


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PS: World's top tech companies are located here -like HQ of Lockheed Martin -world biggest defense company – maker of F 16 planes etc.


Here is a website I saw on Yahoo Mail: for pre-teen girls interest in science education

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